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Understanding CEDIFS's

Not all CEDIF's are the same, learn what to look for and how CEDIF's work.

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About Assante Hydrostone

Founded in 1995, Assante Wealth Management is a leading provider of integrated wealth management solutions, designed to meet the needs and goals of individuals, families and businesses across Canada. Our advisors and their clients are at the centre of our business and are supported by the exceptional investment management team and wealth planning resources available through our sister-companies CI Investments Inc. and United Financial, a division of CI Private Counsel LP. Read The Assante Promise

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An Event That is in Full Bloom!

Joining us once again, Niki Jabbour, prolific garden writer and host of The Weekend Gardener radio show, will offer three unique seminars Tuesday, May 13th, 2014, sharing her gardening expertise and techniques.

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Is the Budget Getting A Piece of Your Plan

There are some changes in the 2014 Federal Budget that could affect your ability to grow, spend and give away your wealth to the next generation. On Thursday, April 3rd , Duane Snow, Regional VP, Estate Planning, Assante Estate and Insurance Services Inc. will discuss the three changes to the budget that will limit the effectiveness of using minimized insurance, prescribed annuities, and ‘quick pay’ insurance policies by reducing their tax efficiency.

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Take the Financial Checklist Quiz

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Have you outgrown your financial plan? Wealth planning is an ongoing process and changes as your circumstances change. Take our short 8 question Wealth Management Checkup to see if you've outgrown your current financial plan.

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Assante Wealth Management has developed deep expertise in wealth planning over the last 15 years. Our team of professionals offers strategic and comprehensive wealth planning advice to generations of Canadians every year based on their individual needs. Our advisors and wealth planners have had success working with various unique client situations, from complicated estate planning to helping professionals investigate incorporation.

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The Assante Promise

  1. Financial Snapshot
  2. Investment Portfolio Review
  3. Insurance Analysis
  4. Tax Optimization Analysis
  5. Fee Analysis
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Oversubscribed Wind4All Communities II CEDIF Sells Out!

Wind4All Communities II Inc. (“Wind4All”) successfully closed their CEDIF Offering on March 3rd, 2014, having raised their maximum of $3,000,000 – all from Nova Scotia investors.

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