I have an advisor but I am considering a change.

Michael Nuschke

Senior Financial Planning Advisor,
Assante Capital Management Ltd. Halifax

About Michael.

Anticipating change. Creating opportunity.

People who are retired or within 7 years away from retirement have a lot on their minds.

“Will I have enough money to last my retirement?”
“Do I have the right kinds of investments for my current stage in life?”
“And what about the ever-changing global economy – Does my advisor truly understand how events in another part of the world can affect my retirement plan? “
You may have worked with other advisors or tried to do it all yourself, but a financial advisor who understands how to anticipate change, and convert it into opportunity will help you plan and fulfill your lifelong financial goals.

Converting Change into opportunity

Understanding how shifts in the global economy can affect your personal finances is the best way to benefit from them. We live in a world of unprecedented changes, many of which threaten our financial security. Having an advisor who monitors and understands these changes, and is able to relate them to your personal needs is crucial to making the best decisions for your future.

While some changes seem to emerge as a threat, I will show you how to convert potential threats into opportunities for growth. By anticipating and quickly adapting to change, I can help you “harmonize” with change so it doesn’t hurt you or your financial plans.

Leveraging change also means not getting stuck and holding to the past. I will help you move forward with your financial life decisions. My role as an advisor is to help you sort out what’s happening in the world, what that means to your retirement, and how to use it to your advantage.

Regular Update and Planning Meetings

My “secret to success” as an advisor is to come into all client meetings and conversations with an open mind. I aspire to see from my client’s point of view. My belief is that in order for me to succeed in my role, I first need to listen very carefully to what my clients are really saying – and sometimes what they are ‘not’ saying. For example, a client asking questions about their portfolio might also be truly wondering whether or not they have enough money to retire. My listening and questioning skills allow me to draw out, and solve, the real issues in my clients’ minds.

I translate complicated jargon into understandable terms. I enjoy speaking to clients plainly, answering questions and involving them in the retirement planning process. In-person or live-online meetings empower my clients to understand their financial plan and utilize change. From this knowledge you can make financial decisions with total confidence and relax into them.

Study & Discipline of the Mind

I am fascinated with the study of the mind and how it affects our realities. As a long student of meditation, I find this practice crucial in both being open to my clients concerns and ideas, as well as seeing more clearly through the maze of financial icebergs. I strive for continuous self- improvement. I got into the financial industry because of my own passion for exercising the mind to rise to the challenge of understanding financial issues and how they impact people.

Support for Canadians Planning to Retire and Live in Mexico

A particular specialty of mine is helping clients plan destination retirements – such as those to Mexico. A destination retirement requires special considerations such as expenses in Mexican pesos, tax issues, and where to actually keep your money. By getting the correct questions addressed for your retirement plans, you’ll feel comfortable knowing you are financially secure.

Technical Skills/Education/Awards

I am an expert in the personal financial advice industry with over 30 years of experience. Before joining Assante, I was an established insurance and investment advisor, as well as a fee-only (non-product) financial planner. These backgrounds blend together and allow me to help my clients both plan and implement the best strategies for them. I’ve also been a financial columnist and have appeared many times as financial expert in newspapers and on various TV and radio stations.

I received my B.A from McGill University in 1976, and also hold the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation. I’m also Registered Financial Planner (RFP), Canadian Investment Manager (CIM), and Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute (FCSI).

As part of Assante’s Complete approach I can work with your current accountant, lawyer, insurance provider etc to build your plan or I can leverage the exceptional investment management team and wealth planning group available through our sister company, CI Investments Inc., and Assante Private Client, a division of CI Private Counsel LP. for support.

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