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Assante Hydrostone is Growing!

Published on: October 6th, 2015

There has been some big news in the financial services industry in Atlantic Canada.   The majority of the Beacon Securities Limited retail group joined Assante Hydrostone.

The move is a result of a shift in focus for Beacon Securities Limited, who has been successfully building their institutional investment business for many years. Assante Hydrostone, in contrast, has built their business and formidable reputation around providing complete financial planning for the private investor.

Jane Smith, formerly the Head of the Private Client Group with Beacon, spearheaded the search for a new home.


“The retail division began researching where would be the best place for our clients.” she says. “In the end, Assante’s singular focus on the retail private client group, and the fact that they are growing in that space of providing service to individual investors were all important factors for us.”

With the transition well underway, the new team is making themselves at home in their new space at Assante Hydrostone’s office on Kaye Street in Halifax.

Steve Doane, Branch Operations Manager of Assante Capital Management Ltd. is pleased to welcome the new members of the team. “We’re happy to be able to provide these seasoned advisors with all the tools, products, and services they’ve been seeking on clients’ behalf. Locally, and at Assante’s head office, teams are working tirelessly to make sure this transition is as seamless as possible for the advisors and clients alike.”

As she looks to the future, Jane is confident that the move will prove beneficial to all. “Our clients will experience a breadth of services they haven’t had access to previously, and we’re excited about the opportunity to access broader products to service their needs. It’s a win/win.”


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