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You keep hearing that it's time to start saving - but what you really think is that there's lots of time to do that later, so why now? I can help you understand the benefits of investing early and often.
By connecting with me, you have access to Assante Connect*, an online investing platform run by seasoned portfolio managers and available exclusively to Assante clients.
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I can help simplify some of the more confusing elements around building wealth, provide answers and help you get started on the path to a customized investment plan.
It will be great for us to start by getting to know each other, which will help me to get to know your financial goals!
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    Financial 101 with Jen

    * Assante Connect is a division of WealthBar Financial Services Inc (“WealthBar”). WealthBar Financial is a registered Portfolio Manager in all provinces and territories in Canada.All investments will be managed by Assante Connect and any additional financial planning services will be provided through an Assante Capital Management Ltd. (ACM) or Assante Financial Management Ltd. (AFM) advisor.