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From pay cheque to pension cheque.

Deciding how to transition out of your group or work retirement plan into a self-managed pension is one of the biggest and probably stressful decisions you’ll ever make.  Before you choose, ask yourself, do you want a standard approach to your retirement plan or do you want a personalized approach? Do you want the assurance a Personal Retirement Spending Plan can provide? If so our complete approach to wealth management may be just what you’re looking for. We take a personal and holistic look at your finances and create a plan that is detailed and specific to you.

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    You may think you have saved enough money for your retirement, but when and how you take it out matters too – saving is just the start. Having a plan will make a make a significant difference on how long your money will last and will also keep you on track to ensure you are paying the lowest amount of taxes each year.

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