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Knowing what your retirement income will look like and how you will pay for everything is just what you need to confidently head into your retirement. Build a Personal Retirement Spending Plan with us – and keep your ducks afloat.

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    Six Steps

    to Simple Retirement


    With the help of your Assante Advisor, make a comprehensive retirement budget. Underestimating expenses is one of the most common retirement planning mistakes people make.


    Determine your health insurance options, and discuss potential pitfalls. Can you carry on with your employer’s group insurance or do you have other, cheaper options? Figure out a plan now.


    Meet with your Assante Advisor to establish/update your financial plan. Look at taxation of retirement income as well as a retirement spending plan, and use the exact date of your retirement to examine cash flow.


    Work with your Assante Advisor to make an investment plan that works for your retirement years.


    Discuss your pension options with your Assante Advisor at least six months prior to making an election of pension benefits.


    If you plan to work or earn income during retirement, discuss with your Assante Advisor to determine how this might impact your pension or benefits.

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