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Assante Hydrostone Supports: The Happy Community Project

Published on: March 1st, 2021

Here at Assante Hydrostone, we believe that community is key. Whether you are an individual or a business, your connections to the community in which you reside are essential to success. When the community thrives, we all thrive.

The Happy Community Project is one of the community initiatives Assante Hydrostone is proud to support. This program provides community champions with the tools to build a strong foundation for their community. They are dedicated to enabling people to transform where they live into thriving and dynamic neighborhoods with strong social connections, a sense of belonging, and a genuinely caring culture.

While Covid-19 restrictions have made it difficult to get out in the community and do the important groundwork for this project, the need is greater than ever. “At a time when it is easy to have hundreds of friends on Facebook and not know your neighbour across the street, it is time to build up the communities with connections to make them stronger,” says Glenn Stewardson, Financial Planning Advisor, Assante Capital Management Ltd.

Here in The Hydrostone, we have strong foundations, built with resilience, determination, and grit. We wish the same for many other communities throughout Nova Scotia. The Happy Community Project is launching a major fundraising campaign to take the very important next steps in organizing support for those communities that want to work at reconnecting with their roots and forging new social connections that will allow them to thrive once more.

Check out the project here.

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