Why join Assante? The advantages are clear.

At Assante Hydrostone, we recognize and value your contribution. It’s not only about the bottom line; it’s about a group of like-minded people working together to achieve more for clients and for ourselves.

Working at Assante Hydrostone is different than working for a bank. You have freedom, security and opportunities to mentor and be mentored.

We’re driven by our passion to help our clients, their families, and the community we live in. We are intensely proud of the team we’ve built and therein lies the secret to our success.

“As our industry continues to consolidate, being a part of the Hydrostone team offers me comfort in several essential areas in building my business. Being associated with like-minded and driven colleagues provides excellent support both on the business and personal development sides. The branch’s collective size offers leverage in areas such as professional development, marketing initiatives, operation expense reductions, and a powerful voice when dealing with Assante head office matters. My voice is always welcomed by the branch management team on all such related matters. I am excited to be a part of one of the most successful and growing branches within Assante.”

- Alex M. Skoke
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Coasting on value


Collegial, supportive, collaborative, highly entrepreneurial, and client-centered


Owning your business with us means you have more freedom, including the freedom to sell


Large network of advisors, significant assets under management, and preferred access to resources


Pre-planned, end-to-end, flexible programs and services to build your business and save you time


A unified and committed group of professionals with expertise and experience

“I’ve always been impressed by the support I’ve received from Assante Hydrostone. There is a focus on development for all advisors, including Associates, which I have personally benefitted from. Most notably, my participation in the Female Mentorship Program has provided the opportunity to learn from the experiences of other successful female figures at our branch. As someone who is newer to the industry, this has been instrumental in creating my own goals and plans for the future, knowing I will have the Hydrostone community behind me along the way.”

– Kaileigh van den Berg, CFA – Associate Financial Advisor