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Like most people you’re starting to ask yourself questions like: do I have enough? When should I take CPP? How much money will I have month to month? How do I take money out of my investments? How will this money arrive in my account every month? Building a Personal Retirement Spending Plan will answer all of your questions, protect you against dips in the market, and from life events that are sure to arise. Knowing what your retirement income will look like and how you will pay for everything is just what you need to confidently head into your retirement.

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    Your retirement spending plan includes a restructuring of your financial solutions to transition from maximizing growth and savings into a plan that protects your money and creates streams of regular income.  We account for everything, from monthly utilities, to health care costs to the big things you’ve always dreamed of.

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    How far will my savings go?

    Use this calculator to see how long your savings will provide you with an annual income.

    Please be advised that these calculators are a complement, not a substitute, to financial advice. They are a great starting point to the development of a Personal Retirement Spending Plan with your Assante Hydrostone financial advisor.

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