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Assante advisors work with you to build a custom wealth plan catered to your unique needs. We’ll help you identify your goals and work with you to build a comprehensive plan that takes all areas of your life into consideration.

TFSA or RRSP? We’ll help you find what works best for you. The end result is having the confidence that you’re on the right path and with that, the ability to sleep well at night knowing your finances are in good shape, and good hands.

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    Three effective strategies

    Hedge your bets.

    Deciding between TFSA and RRSP is tough when you can’t predict your tax bracket during retirement. A solution is to hedge your bets – simply divide your annual contributions between a TFSA and an RRSP.

    Adapt to change.

    Invest in a TFSA when you’re in a lower tax bracket, then switch to RRSP contributions if an income increase pushes you to a higher tax bracket.

    Know yourself.

    You may have other reasons for choosing one over another. For example, someone who lacks financial discipline may worry about using a TFSA for retirement savings because it’s so easy to withdraw funds.

    The more you know
    The following video and articles can provide further insight to help you learn if RRSP or TFSA is what you’re looking for.